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Fintechee 2021-02-12

As a tech provider, Fintechee provides individual traders with the WEB Trader. Individual traders can enjoy the full-featured WEB trader like professional institutions.

Fintechee’s WEB trader serves as a trading platform. It includes a frontend package and a backend package. The frontend has the features to make traders able to use Automated Forex Trading and Trading Simulation. The backend has the features to make the order sent to the liquidity provider via the FIX API Trading Platform.

The biggest advantage of setting up a trading environment by using our FIX API individual version is that the individual traders can get the benefit from High-Frequency Trading(HFT).

This service is for free to individual traders if the clients choose the Free Plan. If funds management institutions trade their own funds, this plan is open to them for free as well.

We have cooperated with more than 20 Liquidity Providers. And We have done testing the connectivities with 18 liquidity providers of them.

Please check our other article for more details about our FIX API individual version: FIX API Trading Platform(Individual Version).

An individual trader can onboard after creating an account at any liquidity provider that cooperates with us and depositing the required initial margin.


Please read the introductions to know more features of our product.

Liquidity Provider

Please check this material to know the liquidity providers who cooperate with us: Liquidity Provider.


Features Free Pro
SDK Trading
Custom Indicator
Expert Advisor
Trading Simulator
Parameters Optimizer
Streaming Quotes
Historical Data Downloading
Multiple Accounts Management
Multiple Charts System(WEB Based)
Artificial Intelligence Integration
FIX Engine
Trade Positions Management
Order Router Management
Price Aggregator
Dashboard(Back Office)
Tech Support
Network Traffic
Monthly Maintenance Fees $0 $500
One Time Installation Fees $0 $0
Monthly Volume > 1000 Lots Not Required
Liquidity Provider Fintechee’s Partners Not Required
Online Shop Purchase
Affiliate Program Be Our Affiliate

Why Choose Fintechee?

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