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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Feb 11, 2021
Fintechee developed a Nodejs package to help traders compile C/C++/MQL-based expert advisors or custom indicators

Fintechee developed a Nodejs package to help traders compile C/C++/MQL-based Expert Advisor or Custom Indicator. Expert Advisor Studio Download is not required.

Expert Advisor can help traders monitor the market movements. It takes time to develop an expert advisor, especially, when you need to port a specific programming language that you are not familiar with.

The primitive SDK of Fintechee is Javascript-based. Javascript is a single-thread, asynchronized programming language. It’s not that easy to migrate C/C++/MQL-based programs to Javascript.

Fintechee developed Expert Advisor C/C++/MQL Compiler which helps traders compile C/C++/MQL-based expert advisors or custom indicators. It extended the programming compatibility.


Emscripten is required to execute the compilation for C/C++/MQL files. So, you need to install it in advance.

Please access the official website to download it: Emscripten.

If you failed to execute the compilation, the most possibility would be that the PATH environment variable was not set correctly. Please check this issue post that discussed the solution to solve the problem: “emcc command not found”.


Please access our Github repository: Expert Advisor C/C++/MQL Compiler.

  1. Download the git repository, and then extract the downloaded zip file.
  2. cd the directory.
  3. Run “npm i”.

Run the Server Package

In the installation directory, simply run the command: “node app.js”. If done successfully, a program is monitoring port 3000 to wait for your further operation commands.

How to Compile the C/C++/MQL-based Source Codes

First of all, please open our WEB trader. Then click the “Console” item on the menu bar(on the left side of the page) and choose the “C/C++” tab on the prompted panel.

And then, please follow the steps:

  1. Drag and drop your C/C++/MQL source codes to the text area for coding.
  2. Set the URL(where your C++ compiler is installed) and the name of your EA(or your custom indicator) in the two text boxes.
  3. Click “Generate Indicator” to generate the meta-information for your indicator or click “Generate EA” to generate the meta-information for your EA. You can skip this step and generate the source codes with an alternative tool.
  4. Replace the original data declarations with the generated source codes. If you don’t know how to replace the codes, please check our other tool’s guide.
  5. Compile the new source codes by clicking “Compile Indicator” or “Compile EA” accordingly.
  6. Check the information output by the compiler.
  7. Set the “definition” parameter of “mql_indicator_loader_plugin” or “mql_ea_loader_plugin” to the generated JSON string and then load the indicator or the EA.

Now you can see the C/C++/MQL-based program run on our platform if every step is done successfully.

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail or post an issue via Github. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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