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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Mar 27, 2021
Fintechee: FIX API Trading Platform helps traders have more speedy trading experiences than traditional terminals

FIX API Trading Platform is a feature that Fintechee WEB Trader‘s backend provides. It helps traders connect with liquidity providers to get streaming quotes.

FIX is the so-called Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. It is a message-based standard for the real-time electronic information exchange for security institutional transactions.

Besides FIX API connectivities to more than 20 liquidity providers, our institutional version supports multiple-users management, price aggregator and smart order routing system. Now, we have a new version for individual traders. We made a more compact version full-featured by FIX API connectivities.

FIX API Trading Platform Institution Version vs Traditional Trading Terminals

If you plan to build a broker company by using the traditional trading terminal, you need to buy a main white label or at least a sub-white-label and get a license from some jurisdiction.

If you have insufficient authorization to trade with your clients as a counterparty, you need to sign with some liquidity provider to transfer the risk exposure of your net trade positions. And then you need a bridge to communicate with your liquidity provider. Because liquidity provider doesn’t use low speedy RESTful API, you need to purchase an internationally accepted solution, such as FIX API, to build the “Bridge”. Purchasing a FIX API bridge costs you extra funds and extra time to make it integrated with your trading platform.

Fintechee provides an All-in-One trading platform. It has a built-in FIX API engine to communicate with any liquidity provider. You don’t need to purchase any additional plugins to build the “Bridge”. You don’t need to take time to debug the integration between your trading platform and the FIX API connectivity.

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FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version vs Traditional Trading Terminals

You may trade in the style of Scalping or News Trading, so-called High-Frequency Trading(HFT). These kinds of trading styles require a very speedy trading environment. To make your profit maximum, you may have massive trade positions in short term. These operations require you to deposit a bigger amount of funds as a margin.

If you trade as an individual, you may sign with a broker operating a traditional trading terminal. This trading terminal’s backend is shared by a lot of traders. Actually, you deposit a lot but the trading environment is so poor that it doesn’t match the funds that you invest. At the beginning of your trading career, you may haven’t been aware of that at all.

Fintechee provides an All-in-One trading platform for individual traders as well. It’s based on FIX API and installed on your local PC. So, the trading environment is completely dedicated. You will not share the trading channel with anyone else. Your orders will be sent to liquidity providers straightforward. No need to connect with some WEB servers and use the slow RESTful API anymore.

It supports algorithms trading, automated trading, and backtesting. We provide Expert Advisor Studio to extend the functions of your trading environment. Your old programs and trading robots may be reusable by compiling them again.

Our liquidity provider partners support Cryptocurrency and Spread Betting. You can’t find these trading instruments in most trading environments even if FIX API is supported.

So, please choose a more excellent trading environment to match the funds that you invest.

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