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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Nov 01, 2023
This plugin is a Social Media on Chart with OpenAI Plugin tailored to deliver real-time news updates or economic calendar events directly to traders

Social Media on Chart with OpenAI

The Fintechee Social Media on Chart with OpenAI Plugin is tailored to deliver real-time news updates or economic calendar events directly to traders while they operate within Fintechee’s WEB Trader or Expert Advisor Studio. Furthermore, traders can leverage OpenAI and ChatGPT to employ AI-driven analysis of the news.

The Fintechee Trading Platform Extensions encompass a suite of plugins and complimentary services provided by Fintechee. These extensions elevate the advantages for traders utilizing Fintechee by streamlining integration with other brands. If you possess products developed on alternative platforms, they can seamlessly harmonize with Fintechee, mitigating expenses linked to migration while preserving your current tools. For freelancers, this means effortless repurposing of expert advisors and custom indicators developed for clients.

All plugins are free and open-sourced (MIT license). You can access our Github repository, obtain source codes, and freely modify and distribute them.


Use Cases (Some scenarios when our products can be helpful)

  1. I want to check economic calendar while trading.
  2. I’m going to chat with GPT to make AI analyze economic news while trading.
  3. I intend to share my economic news analysis with my social media subscribers.


  1. Open Fintechee’s WEB Trader or FIX API trading platform individual version (they share the same UI), ensuring consistent operations.
  2. Launch an EA (Expert Advisor) named “plugin_for_sns_with_openai”.
  3. If you are a publisher, input the topic name and click the “Create” button. The backend system will create a topic for you (if the topic already exists, the creation will fail) and generate a publish token. You can then begin posting your content or chat with OpenAI.
  4. If you are a subscriber, input the topic you wish to subscribe to. Afterward, please add an indicator called “barrage” to the chart. Whenever the publisher posts content, you will see a triangle on the chart. Hover your mouse over the triangle to view the content from the publisher in your social network.


Free and open-sourced.


If interested, feel free to try it on your own.




Fintechee is not affiliated with OpenAI.