Explanation about Why Our CEO's LinkedIn Profile Disappeared ~

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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Jan 17, 2018
We have been enduring relentless harassment from a racist individual who continually defames our business and mysteriously caused our CEO’s LinkedIn profile to become invisible, all without any prior notification.

Explanation about Why Our CEO's LinkedIn Profile Disappeared

Today(June 28th, 2023), we noticed that our CEO’s profile on LinkedIn is showing a 404 error.

Just a few weeks ago, the page was still accessible to LinkedIn members.

As we don’t frequently check the profile, we are unsure when it disappeared or stopped being visible.

Upon conducting a search on the internet, we discovered that several other individuals have also encountered similar issues.

Based on their experience sharing, it is likely that someone reported the profile as fake, leading LinkedIn to disable its visibility while retaining other features.

We want to clarify that our business is reputable and our CEO is certainly a person of integrity. Using an English name publicly, different from the name on the ID card, does not in any way impact his character or diminish the respect he deserves.

It is perplexing that after the CEO had the profile open for 10 years(8000+ followers), no reports were made during that time. The occurrence of this issue has raised questions as to why it has only recently surfaced.

We attempted to reach out to the LinkedIn support center for assistance but unfortunately found no effective means of communication available for direct interaction with a human representative.

We then attempted to identify the individual who may have reported our business and CEO’s profile as fake, potentially driven by personal animosity or ill intentions.

After careful consideration, we were able to narrow down our list of potential targets to one individual. It has come to our attention that this individual, who solely operates a forum reserved for personal use(Public use of the forum is prohibited, but it allows anonymous posting, creating the illusion of significant user activity.), proudly posted a thread claiming responsibility for the ban on our CEO’s LinkedIn profile.

Prior to this issue, the individual in question has been actively posting numerous fake reviews across various platforms, specifically targeting certain review sites notorious for aiming to extort people by leveraging their reputation and soliciting false and defamatory content. We suspect that his motivation stems from his racist ideologies, which has led him to harbor animosity towards our business.

We have decided not to disclose the individual’s name on our official website as we do not wish to give any promotion or network traffic to such a person whom we regard as a clown.

However, this individual has been identified as someone with a history of racism, and he has been listed on several websites. His actions include defaming thousands of people or businesses, particularly targeting individuals of color.

Therefore, we suggest visiting these websites to gather more information regarding his defamatory actions and extensive involvement in illegal activities.



It is worth noting that he was reported by his former school 12 years ago, and numerous individuals have attempted to take down his illegal websites. Despite these efforts, he continues to evade legal consequences and remains at large, which raises concerns.

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