How We Can Be Helpful ?

We provide institutional brokers with our Forex broker white label and help them build Forex trading platforms. Individual traders can use our WEB trader for free. We have more than 20 liquidity providers cooperating with us. They provide us with their FIX connectivities and we developed a built-in FIX API trading platform to integrate with them as our backend. Introducing brokers who have signed with liquidity providers can use our platform to make more alternatives. News sites can import our chart widget to enhance their WEB pages' contents without any expense. All that we are doing is for the mission of being the best Forex trading platform.

Forex Trading Strategies
Fintechee: Best Forex trading platform and Fintech company with our WEB trader and FIX API trading platform


Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex trading and trading simulation on the WEB browser without installation make a different experience. Traders can monitor market movements anywhere.


Price Aggregator

Signing in multiple accounts simultaneously makes copytrading or trading arbitrage not a professional trading style anymore. Traders can trade like pro.


FIX API Trading Platform

Our backend with a full-featured FIX API trading platform helps brokers aggregate data quotes from different data sources and makes brokers get the lowest cost.

Fintechee: Best Forex trading platform and Fintech company with our WEB trader and FIX API trading platform

Never Be Tired of Trading Again

As a Fintech company, we focus on the latest technologies to improve UX for building the best Forex trading platform. Algorithms for trading and backtesting a portfolio make traders have more choices for their Forex trading strategies. Traders lower down risk by backtesting their strategies using the historical data quotes and needn't worry about missing trading signals due to having a meeting or going for a business trip. A relaxing trading environment is built to brief the tension.

Algorithms for Trading

Individual Investor

Individual Trader

We behave like a trading academy for individual traders. Do-it-yourself helps traders learn to trade like a pro and save funds that would have been paid for redundant consultant fees.

Financial Institution

Forex Broker White Label

Not only brokerages and liquidity providers can get benefit from using our backend system and backoffice, but funds managers can use our professional frontend to enhance the profit rates.

A New SDK for Trading World

The best Forex trading platform must be ready for matching requirements from all kinds of traders. We prepared a basic SDK for advanced traders. A full-featured WEB trader named "Expert Advisor Studio" opens RESTful APIs and browser-based Javascript APIs to the public. Traders can use these APIs to monitor data streaming in real-time and code custom indicators or trading robots in only several minutes. We will keep on providing more templates and extensions to make source codes auto-generated.

SDK Trading
function sma (dataInput, dataOutput, calculatedLength, period) {
	var i = calculatedLength

	if (calculatedLength > 0) {
	} else {
		for (var j = 0; j < period - 1; j++) {
			dataOutput[j] = 0

		i = period - 1

	var sum = 0

	for (var j = i - period + 1; j < i; j++) {
		sum += dataInput[j]

	for (var j = i; j < dataInput.length; j++) {
		sum += dataInput[j]
		dataOutput[j] = sum / period
		sum -= dataInput[j - period + 1]
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