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  • Apr 21, 2021
Fintechee provides a special version: FIX API Family Trader. Individual traders can enjoy the full-featured WEB Trader

FIX API Family Trader

FIX API Family Trader is a product provided by Fintechee.

“FIX API Family Trader” is almost identical to Fintechee’s “White Label”. The frontend features are the same as the institutional version, enabling traders to use Automated Forex Trading and Trading Simulation. The backend, connecting with liquidity providers via the FIX API Trading Platform, mirrors the features of the institution version.

As the name suggests, this product is developed for family use. A family or group consisting of multiple traders can trade with the liquidity provider by sharing the FIX API connectivity. The FIX API connectivity is configurable, allowing the administrator to adjust settings to connect to liquidity providers’ FIX API as needed. Changing FIX API accounts incurs no additional fees.

The distinction between “FIX API Family Trader” and “FIX API Trading Platform(Individual Version)” lies in the fact that FIX API Family Trader’s backend is installed on the server-side, while FIX API Trading Platform(Individual Version) is installed on the client’s local PC.


As a Forex white label provider, Fintechee offers brokers a White Label, authorizing them to use Fintechee’s WEB Trader as a Forex trading platform. Fintechee’s WEB Trader comprises a frontend package and a backend package.

The major advantages of this product include flexibility and low cost. The administrator can designate account types as “A” to have orders sent from “A” accounts filled by liquidity providers, equivalent to the A-Book of brokers. Similarly, the administrator can designate account types as “B” to have orders sent from “B” accounts filled on the FIX API Family Trader’s backend, equivalent to the B-Book or demo accounts of brokers. Additionally, pricing becomes more flexible, allowing clients to purchase the corresponding plan based on the number of users.

We have collaborated with more than 20 Liquidity Providers and tested connectivity with all of them. Funds Management Institutions have the opportunity to create a new broker by integrating their liquidity via our FIX API trading platform.

While we can assist in connecting you with our liquidity provider partners, it’s not limited to them. ANY liquidity provider can be connected via our FIX API trading platform, allowing you to specify your preferred liquidity providers as long as they support this kind of cooperation.


Explore the introductions to learn more about the features of our product.

Liquidity Provider

Check this material to learn about the liquidity providers who cooperate with us: Liquidity Provider.

Specialties of Our Liquidity Provider Partners

Our liquidity provider partners each have unique specialties.

“LMAX” and “ATC Brokers” provide Shared FIX API that makes introducing brokers white-labelable.

“Exante” provides Cryptocurrency FIX API suitable for building crypto OTC brokers.

One liquidity provider even offers FIX API connectivity that supports Spread Betting.

This ensures you can experience a unique trading environment only here.


Features Family Plan Other Plans
SDK Trading
Custom Indicator
Expert Advisor
Trading Simulator
Parameters Optimizer
Streaming Quotes
Historical Data Downloading
Multiple Accounts Management
Multiple Charts System(WEB Based)
Artificial Intelligence Integration
FIX Engine
Trade Positions Management
Order Router Management
Price Aggregator
Dashboard(Back Office)
Tech Support
Hardware Cloud Service
Network Traffic
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Purchase before May 10th 2021

Number of Users (Balance > 0) One Time Installation Fees Maintenance Fees (Yearly)
Up to 5 $1000 $1500
Up to 10 $1000 $2000
Up to 20 $1000 $3000
Up to 50 $1000 $5000

Purchase After May 10th 2021

Number of Users (Balance > 0) One Time Installation Fees Maintenance Fees (Yearly)
Up to 5 $3000 Purchase $1500 Purchase
Up to 10 $3000 Purchase $2000 Purchase
Up to 20 $3000 Purchase $3000 Purchase
Up to 50 $3000 Purchase $5000 Purchase

Please note:

The “Family Plan” can accommodate an unlimited number of accounts with zero balance.

We issue coupons to our affiliates; please remember to obtain the coupons from our affiliates. If you purchase our products without coupons, the amount of discount that should have belonged to you cannot be refunded after the payment.

We offer two types of coupons for our FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version (Pro Plan). If you connect with our liquidity provider partners, you can use 15% discount coupons. If you connect with your own liquidity provider, and the specific liquidity provider is not our partner, you can use 5% discount coupons.

Cloud Services

We utilize third-party “Cloud Services” to deploy our trading platform. For more details, please refer to this page.