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  • Mar 27, 2021
Fintechee: Cryptocurrency FIX API Trading Platform helps traders connect with liquidity providers and trade with LPs

FIX API Trading Platform is a feature that Fintechee WEB Trader‘s backend provides. It helps traders connect with liquidity providers to get streaming quotes.

Cryptocurrency FIX API Trading Platform is a featured FIX API trading platform. The instruments that the featured FIX API trading platform include the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

The streaming quotes are provided by our crypto liquidity providers. They cooperate with a lot of mainstream crypto exchanges. Both non-leverage and leverage(Margin Trading) are available via the trading channel.

FIX is the so-called Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. It is a message-based standard for the real-time electronic information exchange for security institutional transactions. QuickFIX is a full-featured messaging engine implemented for the FIX protocol.

We use Quickfix 2.X as our FIX engine and FIX4.4 as the version of the FIX protocol. Besides Quickfix, we apply the latest technologies to implement the backend.

Besides FIX API connectivities to more than 20 liquidity providers, our institutional version supports multiple-users management, price aggregator and smart order routing system. Please check our other articles to know more details:

The institutional version matches brokerages and funds managers very well. But for individual traders, the cost to operate such a big system is too heavy and some features are not necessary.

Now, we have a new version for individual traders. We made a more compact version full-featured by FIX API connectivities. It can be installed on the desktop. The server side(the backend of the institutional version) was rebuilt as a component to run on the PC. Individual traders can download the package and install it on their desktops and access the liquidity providers straightforward. If you choose this version, it’s not required to access the server-side any more. You will have a standalone WEB server to run on your PC to enjoy this exclusive trading experience.

Especially, our FIX API trading platform individual version supports cryptocurrencies trading. By using our products, you can trade cryptocurrencies like institutions.

Spread Betting FIX API Trading Platform is another product of our Featured FIX API Trading Platform. Please view this post: “Spread Betting FIX API Trading Platform” to know more details.

Integrate with FIX Engine

More than 20 liquidity providers who integrate with FIX API trading platform as well collaborate with us. Brokers have more choices to connect via our FIX engine.

  • We can communicate with almost all kinds of financial institutions besides Forex brokers, such as banks, stock brokers, liquidity providers, crypto exchanges.
  • Traders can do High-Frequency Trading(HFT). Our FIX API trading platform can get and transfer market data faster than other non-FIX trading platform.
  • Brokers needn’t buy any other FIX bridge plugIn. Our all-in-one package does all these things for you.

Who Provides Crypto Liquidity?

We have several crypto liquidity providers.

Exante is the recommended one that we are promoting most. Please click their LOGO to view the post that introduces their features.

Liquidity Provider | Exante - Fintechee

Trailer of Cryptocurrency FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version

The Differences between FIX API Trading Platform and Traditional Trading Terminals

Compared with the traditional trading terminals, FIX API trading platform has a lot of advantages, such as speed, frequency, and cost.

Please view this post: “FIX API Trading Platform vs Traditional Trading Terminals” to know more details.

The Differences between the Institutional Version and the Individual Version

You may have noticed that our featured picture has exposed the differences between the institutional version and the individual version of our FIX API trading platform.

In our individual version, traders can have a dedicated trading environment. They can send orders to the liquidity providers without the WEB server that the institutional version offers. It simplified the engagement between the traders and liquidity providers and made a better experience for advanced traders.

Please view this post: “Differences between the Institutional Vesion and the Individual Version” to know more details.

Online Demo

We provide an online demo for you. The backend is based on FIX API trading platform. Please try it for free: WEB Trader.

How to Use FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version?

  1. Please download the FIX API program from this link: FIX API Individual Version.
  2. Create an account at one of the Liquidity Providers that cooperate with us.(Now, even if your favorite liquidity provider is not listed in our partners, we can serve you.)
  3. Contact us to get the unique license key to activate the program:


The individual version of our Cryptocurrency FIX API trading platform is For Free Forever.(We have a paid version, it’s called “Pro Plan”.)

Please check this article for more details: Individual Traders.

The institution version of our Cryptocurrency FIX API trading platform is a paid version.(We provide cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency white labels and exchanges with it.)

Please check this article for more details: Cryptocurrency Broker White Label.

Who We Cooperate with?

Please check the materials below to know how we can work with you:

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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