The Differences between Institution Version and Individual Version ~

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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Mar 18, 2021
Fintechee provides the same UI and SDK in both the white label and the FIX API trading platform individual version

Fintechee provides the same UI and SDK in both the White Label and the FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version. This post describes the differences.


Features White Label FIX API Individual Version
SDK Trading
Custom Indicator
Expert Advisor
Trading Simulator
Parameters Optimizer
Streaming Quotes
Historical Data Downloading
Multiple Accounts Management
Multiple Charts System(WEB Based)
Artificial Intelligence Integration
FIX Engine
Trade Positions Management
Order Router Management
Price Aggregator
Dashboard(Back Office)
Tech Support
Network Traffic
Monthly Maintenance Fees Inquire Our Resellers Depends on Plan Type
One Time Installation Fees Inquire Our Resellers $0
Monthly Volume Inquire Our Resellers Not Required
Be Our Reseller Be Our Affiliate

As you have seen, because the FIX API individual version is installed on the local PC, Multiple-account Management is not needed. Based on the same reason, individual traders just need one FIX API credential respectively and Order Router Management, Price Aggregator is not included in this version. If you are an individual trader, the branding activity to promote the business is not needed as well. So the brand, the LOGO can’t be customized.

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