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  • Mar 17, 2020
Expert Advisor Optimization applies Genetic Algorithm for Trading. Fintechee offers Deep Learning to optimize the parameters

Expert Advisor Optimization applies Genetic Algorithm for Trading. Fintechee offers Deep Learning to help traders optimize the parameters for their strategies.

Genetic Algorithm for Trading is a feature that Fintechee WEB Trader‘s frontend provides. It helps traders optimize the parameters for their trading strategies.

This feature is an extension of Fintechee’s Optimizer. Fintechee’s Optimizer has already supported optimizing all the parameters of several EAs simultaneously, which was not implemented in the old versions. The old version can optimize just one EA’s parameters, but now you can optimize multiple EAs’ parameters.

With the increase of EAs that can be optimized, the number of combinations of the parameters became too huge to optimize. That’s why the feature “Genetic Algorithm for Trading” can be helpful.

Tutorial Video

The only difference from the old version of the optimizer is that we added a checkbox(“Optimize by Genetic Algorithm”) on the Expert Advisor Optimization dialog.

Genetic Algorithm for Trading

We often monitor the market movements by several indicators and build our trading strategies or expert advisors by using a bunch of indicators simultaneously. The more indicators we monitor, the more parameters we need to optimize. Please imagine that you are employing three moving averages, one MACD, one RSI, one stochastic oscillator, one ADX in your EA. How many combinations of the parameters will you get? Probably billions of combinations. The number of combinations of the parameters becomes too huge to optimize. The traditional optimizer can’t work.

Then “Genetic Algorithm for Trading” will be helpful. Thanks to this algorithm, the combinations will be reduced to thousands, even hundreds.

WEB Based

Our “Genetic Algorithm for Trading” feature is WEB-based. So it’s platform agnostic. No matter your OS is Linux or Mac or Windows OS, the EAs can be optimized.

Mobile First

Traders can backtest and verify their trading strategies by running EAs on their mobile browsers when they have business trips or have poor problems caused by Windows OS’s non-notification restart after updating. Now, they can even optimize the parameters for their EAs by Fintechee’s “Genetic Algorithm” running on the mobile browser.

Expert Advisor Optimization for Multiple EAs

On our WEB trader, the optimizer can optimize all the parameters of multiple expert advisors simultaneously, which is very important to help traders monitor the portfolio better by different EAs optimized at the same time and make correct decisions from a global perspective. Backtesting on multiple charts simultaneously is another perfect feature that Fintechee offers, which helps traders find the relevance between different instruments.

Who can Benefit from this Feature?

Regardless of the trading styles, the individual traders, especially the advanced traders who tend to focus on trading for algorithms can first benefit from this feature. Please refer to this article to know more details: Individual Trader or Funds Management Institution Trading on its Own Funds

Expert Advisor Tutorial

Regarding how to code EA for automated Forex trading and trading simulation, please refer to our tutorials: Expert Advisor.

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