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  • Jan 18, 2020
Fintechee provides media websites with the Chart Widget to make the WEB have more content and more trustful

Fintechee provides media websites with the Chart Widget. Media websites can add our chart widget to make the WEB have more content and more trustful.

There are two plans for media websites. The Free Plan doesn’t charge any fee. The Pro Plan charges media websites for monthly fees. Media websites of the Pro Plan can specify which instruments to show up on the charts and have their logo show up on the title space of the chart widget.

How to Integrate?

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How to Use Our Chart Widget to Promote Your Expert Advisors or Trading Strategies?

Fintechee supports sharing accounts in the Investor Mode. You can create an iFrame in your WEB page and embed our chart widget there. And then you can set the “src” property to any Fintechee(or Fintechee’s White Label licensee)‘s WEB trader and attach a hash value referring to your account behind the URL, such as

In this example, “875730” is the account ID and “1” is the investor password. You can replace them with your own account ID and your own investor password.

As long as you don’t change our brand information(such as our LOGO or links), you can get authorized to use our chart widget on your site for free.

Of course, we provide a paid plan to make you customize the chart widget and put your own brand on it as well.


Features Free Plan Pro Plan Other Plans
SDK Trading
Custom Indicator
Expert Advisor
Trading Simulator
Parameters Optimizer
Streaming Quotes
Historical Data Downloading
Multiple Accounts Management
Multiple Charts System(WEB Based)
Artificial Intelligence Integration
FIX Engine
Trade Positions Management
Order Router Management
Price Aggregator
Dashboard(Back Office)
Tech Support
Network Traffic
Monthly Maintenance Fees $0 $1000
One Time Installation Fees $0 $0
Monthly Volume Not Required Not Required
Online Shop Purchase Customize
Affiliate Program Be Our Affiliate Be Our Affiliate
Please note:

We issue coupons to our affiliates, please don’t forget to get the coupons from our affiliates. If you purchase our products without coupons, the amount of discount that should have belonged to you can NOT be refunded after the payment.

We issue 5% discount coupons for our Chart Widget(Pro Plan).

Contact Us

If you choose the Free Plan, please insert the source code below to your WEB page.

If you choose the Pro Plan, please contact us to specify which instruments to show up on the charts.

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