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  • Post by Fintechee
  • May 28, 2024
The FIX API Gateway of Fintechee serves as the middleware between client FIX engines and Fintechee CRM, supporting the FIX API.

FIX API Gateway

The Fintechee FIX API Gateway holds significant advantages for traders and platform developers alike. Through seamless integration with diverse trading platforms, it facilitates the creation of copytrading platforms, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in trading operations. Complemented by Fintechee CRM as the backend system, all trading records across platforms are synchronized, ensuring streamlined management and comprehensive oversight of trading activities.

Fintechee’s FIX API trading platform offers comprehensive support for FIX Acceptor, enabling seamless connectivity and communication within the trading ecosystem. Additionally, Fintechee issues FIX API accounts, assisting liquidity providers in establishing FIX API-based trading platforms equipped with FIX API Gateway and accounts.

Fintechee FIX API Gateway

In the dynamic landscape of financial trading, the FIX API Gateway and FIX Acceptor are indispensable infrastructural elements. The FIX API Gateway acts as an intermediary conduit, facilitating seamless communication between trading platforms and systems, crucially enabling the transmission and execution of trading instructions. On the complementary front, the FIX Acceptor serves as a receiver, efficiently processing incoming FIX messages from clients and directing them to their designated destinations.

Fintechee FIX API Trade Specification

Please download the FIX API trade specification for detailed information: Fintechee FIX API Trade Specification

The best way to learn how to use FIX API is to start with a real repository: FIX API Gateway Tester


Field Req Type Description
1 Account N String User-defined account name.
11 ClOrdID Y String A distinct identifier for the order.
55 Symbol Y String Instrument name (for FX, using CCY1/CCY2 format).
54 Side Y Int The side (buy or sell) of the request.
1 = Buy
2 = Sell
38 OrderQty Y Qty Order amount (for FX orders, this indicates the CCY1 amount).
40 OrdType Y Char Enumeration for the Type of Order.
1 = Market
2 = Limit
3 = Stop
44 Price Y/N Price Conditionally required based on OrdType.
OrdType=1 (Market): Zero(0) or omitted
OrdType=2 (Limit): Required and set to the limit price
OrdType=3 (Stop): Required and set to the stop price
58 Text N String User comment field.
59 TimeInForce Y Int Enumeration of order duration.
1 = Good Till Cancel (GTC)
4 = Fill Or Kill (FOK)
60 TransactTime Y Time Time of order creation in UTC format.


Field Req Type Description
11 ClOrdID Y String A distinct identifier sent by the client in Tag 11 of the corresponding NewOrderSingle message.
37 OrderID Y String A distinct identifier assigned to the original order by Fintechee.
17 ExecID Y String A distinct identifier assigned to the individual ExecutionReport by Fintechee. These ExecIDs are ensured to be singular within Fintechee for the particular FIX API account.
39 OrdStatus Y Int Describes the current state of the order corresponding to this ExecutionReport.
A=Pending New (Received)
2=Fill (Completely Filled)
4=Canceled (Cancelled, no fills)
8=Rejected (Rejected, no fills)
150 ExecType Y Int The enumerated type of this ExecutionReport.
A=Pending New (Received)
4=Canceled (Cancelled, no fills.)
8=Rejected (Rejected, no fills)
F=Trade (this report indicates a full volume)
55 Symbol Y String The instrument name from the original order request.
54 Side Y Int The side (buy or sell) of the original request.
1 = Buy
2 = Sell
38 OrderQty Y Qty Original order quantity. Does not indicate a filled amount, only for reference.
40 OrdType Y Int Enumerated Order Type from the original request.
1 = Market
2 = Limit
3 = Stop
44 Price N Price The original requested price for the order.
59 TimeInForce Y Int Enumeration of order duration for the original request.
1 = Good Till Cancel (GTC)
4 = Fill Or Kill (FOK)
151 LeavesQty Y Qty The remaining quantity to fill from the original requested amount.
14 CumQty Y Qty The total quantity filled for the original request, including this fill.
6 AvgPx Y Price The average price of all fills for this request, including the current fill. This will be 0 if the ExecType is Pending New. Fintechee does not support Partially Filled; therefore, the AvgPx indicates the price of the only fill for the order request.
103 OrdRejReason N Int The reason why the order was rejected, if ExecType is Rejected.
58 Text N String If the ExecType is Rejected or Canceled, it will be set to a textual explanation of the reason.
60 TransactTime N Date Time of the original order creation in UTC Format.

At the heart of this ecosystem lies the NewOrderSingle command, a pivotal directive in initiating trade transactions. This command, when dispatched through the FIX API Gateway, triggers a chain of events culminating in trade execution. Upon execution, the system generates an ExecutionReport, serving as a comprehensive feedback mechanism to clients. This report meticulously details the status of the trade execution, ensuring transparency and providing critical insights into the outcome of the trade request.

Fintechee CRM

Moreover, anchoring this entire process is the Fintechee CRM, acting as the central nerve center. Operating as the backend system, Fintechee CRM orchestrates the management and synchronization of all trading records, upholding data integrity and harmonizing operational efficiency.

Use Case

Use Case 1: Building a Liquidity Provider Platform

Utilizing the aforementioned system components—namely, the FIX API Gateway, and Fintechee CRM, a Liquidity Provider (LP) can establish a robust trading platform. The FIX API Gateway serves as the gateway for receiving trading instructions from various sources, while the FIX Acceptor ensures efficient processing and routing of these instructions. With the integration of Fintechee CRM, the LP gains centralized management of all trading records, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance. This setup empowers the LP to offer liquidity to market participants, enhancing market depth and facilitating smoother trading operations.

Use Case 2: Developing a Copytrading System for Evaluating Trading Performance

By leveraging the system components mentioned earlier, traders can construct a copytrading system aimed at evaluating trading performance. The FIX API Gateway facilitates connectivity with multiple trading platforms, enabling the aggregation of trading signals from various sources. Through the FIX Acceptor, incoming signals are efficiently processed and directed to the appropriate destination. Coupled with Fintechee CRM’s backend support, this system offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities, empowering traders to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies.

In essence, the synergy between the FIX API Gateway and Fintechee CRM establishes a robust financial trading ecosystem. This ecosystem not only furnishes traders and platforms with reliable infrastructure but also empowers them with actionable insights and operational excellence.