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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Mar 12, 2021
Fintechee's C/C++/MQL Compiler used to build Expert Advisors coded by C/C++/MQL and make them run on the browsers

This plugin is a C/C++/MQL Compiler used to build the Expert Advisors that you coded by C/C++/MQL programming languages and make them run on the browsers.

Extensions for Fintechee Trading Platform are comprised of Fintechee’s plugins and free services. They help traders get more benefits by using Fintechee’s WEB Trader or Expert Advisor Studio. The plugins can help to make other brands integrated with Fintechee. If you have developed some products that are based on other brands, you can make them usable on Fintechee as well. Then you can save a lot of costs to migrate and retain your old tools. If you are working as a freelancer, the expert advisors and custom indicators that you developed for your clients can be reusable.

They are all for free and open-sourced(MIT license), you can access our Github repository to get the source codes and modify, distribute them freely.

Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • MQL


Use Cases (Some scenarios when our products can be helpful)

  1. I have a lot of expert advisors that I coded by C/C++. I want to experience running them on the browsers. How can I do?
  2. I have a lot of expert advisors that I coded by MQL4.0. MQL is upgrading from 4.0 to 5.0. How can I do to prevent my old programs being obsolete?
  3. I’m a freelancer, my specialty is coding EA. The curve of learning JS may be steep. How can I reuse my programs?
  4. Can I run the expert advisors coded by C/C++/MQL on the browsers?
  5. Can I backtest the expert advisors coded by C/C++/MQL on the browsers?


  • Installation

    1. Download the git repo Expert-Advisor-Cpp-Compiler, and then extract the downloaded zip file.
    2. cd the installation directory
    3. Run “npm i”.
  • Run

    1. Run “node app.js”.
    2. Access https://www.fintechee.com/web-trader/
    3. Click the “Console” on the menubar(on the left of the page).
    4. Choose “C/C++” tab on the panel.
    5. Open your C/C++/MQL file and then click “Generate Indicator” or “Generate EA”. C/C++ source codes and a JSON string will be generated. You can modify your original source codes by the generated codes. The generated parts are used to define the meta information of your program, such as the variables and the data output and can be helpful to make your original codes compilable. Click “Compile Indicator” or “Compile EA” after you finish modifying your original codes. Use mql_indicator_loader_plugin or mql_ea_loader_plugin to load the output js(and WebAssembly) that is generated by the “Compile” step. The generated JSON string will be used as the parameter of the plugins.
    6. The tool in the page: https://www.fintechee.com/compatible-with-mql/ is an alternative generator to the “Generate Indicator” or “Generate EA” function.
  • Output files

    • The output files(js and WebAssembly) will be stored in the sub-directory of the installation directory: ./static
    • You can access ./static via[your_output_js_file_name] (/js in the path refers to ./static directory)


Free and open-sourced.


Disclaimer: Fintechee is not affiliated with MQL.

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