Basic Functions

This tutorial is to introduce the basic functions in our trading platform.

Tutorial Video

Get Started First.

Hello everybody. Today let's talk about some basic functions of our trading platform. Please just type and access our website. After opening our web page and you can see our index page. Then please click the "Get Started" button to access our demo and you will be led to trading page. The trading page will make you sign in to an account as an investor, so you can see this accounts' trading records. But you can't operate, you can't trade, you just can check and you can't touch. So, just like some other trading platform, there are two modes to sign in. One is to sign in to your own account and the other one is to sign in to other trader's account as an investor. If this trader opens his investor password to the public, and then you can sign in to this trader's account as an investor and get chance to refer to his trading records and to get some information. Of course, if the trader doesn't open his investor password to the public and you can't sign in. So there is no any security problem. If you want to trade by yourself, then please click the "User" icon on the left sidebar.

Investor Mode

Sign up

You will be shown a panel on the right side and on the top of this panel, there are two links. One is "Sign in" and the other one is "Sign up". If you have no account, please click "Sign up" to request a new account. In this tutorial video, we will use this email to sign up. After finish signing up, in the trading page we would log out from your previous logged in account and sign in to a new account. You will be shown your password, investor password here. The new account is xxxxxx. You can trade on this account.

Sign up

Sign in

You can sign in to another account at the same time because our trading platform supports multiple accounts management. It's different from other trading platform. Other platform has no this kind of function. But we enable the function to sign in several different accounts simultaneously. It will offer traders to have the opportunities to trade arbitrage. Let me show you how to do that. Just click that "User" icon and get the right sidebar shown. And after that, click "Sign in" link on the top right of the screen.

Sign in

Sign in to multiple accounts to trade arbitrage.

Of course you should use your own account, if you want to trade arbitrage and you need to have two accounts in the different brokerages. Then you get different data quotes and get the difference of the prices and you can find some opportunity to trade arbitrage. If you just use two accounts in the same brokerage, you can't get chance to find the difference of the prices. It doesn't work. So, please choose two accounts signed in different brokerages, that's the prerequisite condition. Don't forget it. If we check this option("Keep me signed in"), then we don't need to input account ID and password again. After we log out, we can still open this page without signing in. So we recommend you not to check this option when you use live account. But in the demo accounts, no need to worry about it. So, just check this option and sign in. Now we signed in to two different accounts, they are created in the same brokerage, so we will just get the same data quote. And the difference of the prices is zero, so we will not have any chance to trade arbitrage. In this tutorial video, we just show you how to do that and will not show you how to get profit. So, you need to do that ourself.

Maultiple Accounts

Liquidity Providers

We have more than 20 liquidity providers, I think you can have the chance to sign up to different brokerages in the future. We have done testing connecting with liquidity providers. So, if you want to use the liquidity providers, please let me know. And we will contact with them and help you to sign up. We will help you to create an account there. And after that you can have different accounts signed up in different liquidity providers, different brokerages.

More than 20 liquidity providers

Liquidity Providers

EA(Trading Robots)

If you want to trade, just click this "Doctor Cap" icon and you can see an EA panel, there are four samples. The sample regarding trading arbitrage is the one named "sample_trading_arbitrage". So if you want to trade arbitrage, just click this "Play" icon and start running this EA. We provided source code here if you want to see the program logic, just click this icon and you can see the source code. It will help you to understand how the logic works. It's very simple to use.



And you can check the the economy calendar by clicking this "Calendar" icon and you will be shown this economy calendar panel. It's a very useful widget. You can find there are two icons that are the same. Please note that their functions are different. If you click this icon(left sidebar), you will be shown an indicators' list and you can edit the program logic by clicking this "Edit" icon. This icon(left sidebar) will help you to show which indicator is installed on your browser, and this icon(top toolbar) will help you add indicator to your chart. So the functions are different. If you click "Add an indicator", you can get this dialog, then click the dropdown list, you can find a lot of indicators. They are built-in indicators and you don't need to write any source code. Let's choose MACD, and keep the parameters default. Of course, if you want to edit, please just change the value. After that, click "Add an indicator" button. And you can choose different color. Now an indicator will be shown here. If you want to modify the inputed parameter, please just click the same icon(toolbar) here. Then you will find an "MACD" menu item here and just choose "Edit". If we change the first parameter to 20 and you can find the chart changed.



So it's very simple and you can add Fibonacci lines by clicking this button. There are three points to adjust. And you can zoom in and you can zoom out. If you want to show other instruments charts, please click this button to add more symbols. You will be led to a new dialogue here and you can see different instruments here. If you want to show GBP/USD and please check this row. If you want to show USD/JPY, please check this row and then the two new symbols will be added to this panel. If you want to add a chart of GBP/USD, click this bar. Move mouse over "GBP/USD", the tip "Chart Window" will be shown. Then click this link("GBP/USD") and a new chart will be shown. It's about GBP/USD. If you want to change the time frame, just click the period dropdown list and choose what time frame you want to see. For example, you want to change it to H1, just choose H1 and click the button right to the time frame dropdown list. Then we will see H1 time frame. So it's very very simple. And if you want to trade.

Send Orders

For example if we want to buy GBP/USD by market price, please just click this button. Before you want to send order, you need to decide the volume, the Lots. You can input the Lots here. For example, if you want to send a 0.1 Lots order for long GBP/USD, just input 0.1 here and click Buy. And then an order will be sent to the server. Because it's a market order, so a trade will be opened instantly. Our trading platform supports hedging. So if you sell, and the two opened trades will not be hedged. You can see both of them appeared in the trading records panel.

Send Orders

Please click this "Shake hands" icon and you can see pending orders, open trades, history of trades, cancelled orders, history of founding. If you click the second tab and you will be shown your open trades. Now we opened two trades, both appear here and they are not hedged. If you want to send pending order, it's very simple as well, just click this "Money" icon and you will be shown the "Send order" dialog. If you choose order type as limit or stop, the order will be sent as pending order. For example if you choose "Buy Limit", you need to set the price you want to buy at. If you set price as 1.311, set take profits as 1.3111, that means if the market price touched 1.311, this order will be executed And after the execution, if the market moves to 1.3111, then the trade will be closed and you get profit. If you set a stop loss, and if the market moves toward the reverse direction and you will get loss. Of course, these two options(take profit and stop loss) are not required to a pending order. If you want to use pending order, the price field of the form is required. You need to set the price you want to buy. Now you can see a pending order on the chart. The line stands for the "Buy Limit" value. The blue dash line is take-profit line and the red dash line stands for stop-loss line. This tutorial is to introduce the basic functions in our trading platform. Thank you for reading.