Coding Indicator Series 1 ~ Code a Hello World Indicator ~

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  • Post by Fintechee
  • Jan 21, 2021
This tutorial video talks about how to code an indicator via Fintechee WEB Trader

Tutorial for Forex Trading is one of Fintechee’s free services. We help traders learn how to trade Forex by using our WEB Trader or Expert Advisor Studio. The contents here will not be limited to the field of Forex. Any instrument of investment will be discussed.

Code a Hello World Indicator


Analyze the structure of an indicator that run on Fintechee trading platform

This tutorial video talks about how to code an indicator. We can get a lot of source codes’ templates in Fintechee trading platform and reference them to help us code indicators. In this tutorial video, we used “ATR” as our template and coded an indicator to show “Volume” of the candlesticks in the separate window.

We can find the source code examples in our Github repository.

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