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Fintechee is a product developed by Channel-Sea Inc. which serves as a technology service provider. It helps brokers and liquidity providers build trading platforms from scratch by its all-in-one package. Traders can benefit from EA(trading robot) which runs on browser without downloading and installation's prerequisites.


Our products have the features below:

Aggregator Engine

Aggregator Engine

Server package has built-in aggregator engine which helps brokerage do these things below:

  • Aggregates real-time quotes from multiple liquidity providers.
  • Sends merged quotes to traders.
  • Sends orders to appropriate liquidity providers by order router management system.

By using aggregator engine, brokers can always get lowest ask quotes and highest bid quotes, even have opportunities to trade arbitrage between multiple liquidity providers.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Web page working on browser has built-in aggregator engine as well which helps individual trader do these things below:

  • Aggregates real-time quotes from multiple brokers.
  • Monitors merged quotes and manages multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Sends orders to appropriate brokers by Web EA running on browser.

By using aggregator engine, individual traders can always get lowest ask quotes and highest bid quotes, even have opportunities to trade arbitrage between multiple accounts created on different brokers.

Integrate with FIX API

We use and integrate with FIX API, which means:

  • We have capacity to communicate with almost all kinds of financial institutions, such as banks, brokers, liquidity providers, exchanges.
  • Traders have capacity to do HFT because our package can get and transfer market data faster than other brands in financial field.
  • Brokers have no need to buy any other FIX bridge plugIn. Our all-in-one package does all these things for you and just costs you for one license fee.

A couple of liquidity providers who integrate with FIX API as well collaborate with us. Brokers have more choices to connect via our FIX engine.


We allow traders use their own front-end web applications to access their accounts created on brokers powered by our server package via our RESTful API.

  • Our server package allows CORS access.
  • Traders have capacity to extend functions by themselves.
  • Our RESTful APIs use reactive programming technology which helps speed up transferring data and promotes the response time by non-block calling.






registerIndicator("ema", "Exponential moving average", function (context) {
	var dataInput = getDataInput(context, 0)
	var dataOutput = getDataOutput(context, "ema")
	var period = getIndiParameter(context, "period")
	var shift = getIndiParameter(context, "shift")

	var calculatedLength = getCalculatedLength(context)

	ema(dataInput, dataOutput, calculatedLength, period)

	if (shift != null && calculatedLength == 0) {
		setIndiShift(context, "ema", shift)
	name: "period",
	value: 5,
	required: true,
	range: [1, 100]
	name: "shift",
	value: 0,
	required: false,
	range: [-30, 30]
	index: 0
	name: "ema",
	visible: true,
	renderType: RENDER_TYPE.LINE,
	color: "steelblue"

SDK stands for APIs opened to public via our front-end web pages.

  • Our front-end APIs can help traders manage multiple accounts and track orders sent to different brokers.
  • No worries to learn about Object-Oriented Programming. Our SDK is designed for every type of trader with different technology skills.
  • Our front-end APIs use reactive programming technology which helps speed up transferring data and promotes the response time by non-block calling.
  • We have registered patents to make exclusive experience enjoyable only here.

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Web EA

We make EAs more usable and slow down the speed of being obsolete via building them on browser.

  • Traders can run EAs on their mobile browser when they have business trips or have poor problems caused by Windows OS's non-notification restart after updating.
  • EAs can help traders track trade records and manage their multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Our back testing module makes EAs more credible and makes the process of back testing visible.

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Custom Indicator

A lot of web trading platforms provide indicators to help traders find opportunities, but traders can only use the built-in indicators. Fintechee's SDK makes it possible for traders to customize their own indicators.

  • Traders have capacity to make custom indicators by their own algorithms.
  • The inputs of indicators can be based on other indicators' outputs. Making composite indicators is possible.

Local MIT Order

MIT Order stands for market-if-touched order. Usually they are sent to server and controlled on server to monitor trading opportunities. But traders' bottom line about take profit and stop loss are sent to server as well. We use front-end Web EA to avoid leaking this kind of information.


We made an open architecture to allow traders to integrate with any other JS libraries. Some JS libraries that support Artificial Intelligence will help traders analyze markets more precisely. A new version which integrates with some AI open sources will be coming soon.

Copy Trade

Copy Trade

We provide a Cloud Copytrade platform for transfering trading signals to subscribers. Subscribers don't need to watch chart, instead, everything is automatically performed by Web EA(Trading Robot). In other words, it is an avant-garde social media platform designed to enable them to learn and share trading ideas and techniques, charts analyses and several other advanced platforms to different traders all around the world.


We can help crypto-coin brokers make their own blockchain exchanges by using FIX API or RESTful API.

Now We are focusing on a blockchain project --

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